Sunday, November 9, 2014

Some Interesting Facts

As we approach the end of the season, I did a little checking on how Ferrum has stacked up to some area competition this year. I started by selecting four private colleges, and one public college. Those chosen were Emory and Henry, Hampden-Sydney, Guilford, and Randolph-Macon College as the private institutions, and Christopher Newport University as the public school.

My first question was:

Coaches on staff:

Ferrum lists 7 coaches on their staff roster (counting DC which is currently open).
E&H  11
H-SC 10
Guilford 11
CNU 11

Yards rushing gained

Ferrum 2028
E&H  1701
H-SC  1275
GCQ  1479
RMC  2073
*CNU 1880

Passing Yards gained

Ferrum 1196
E&H 2633
H-SC 2690
GCQ  3106
RMC  1579
*CNU  1880

Rushing TD's

Ferrum  12
E&H 20
H-SC 20
GCQ  15
RMC  22
*CNU  23

Passing TD's

Ferrum 7
E&H  25
H-SC  28
GCQ  33
RMC  14
*CNU   23

* Christopher Newport has finished their regular season. Their stats above are based on 10 games, while all of the others are based on 9 games played with one game remaining.

What does this show? First it shows a specialization in coaching. It shows that position coaches are becoming a necessity to be successful. Likely there are few winning programs that have as few as 7 coaches.

It shows that while Ferrum ranked second among these schools in rushing yards, they ranked last in rushing TD's

It shows that Ferrum ranked last in passing yards among the six schools, and also ranked last in passing TD's.

The apparent trend today is to rely more on the passing offense, and not as much on the run. Ferrum, for most of the season has run the spread option, and this is a good and popular offense, but has not proven to be particularly successful for Ferrum.

I am not sure what to take from this, but at 1-8, and with the likelihood that Ferrum will finish the season at 1-9, I would say that in the reevaluation process at the end of the year, Ferrum will take a hard look at offensive productivity.

I will try to compile more stats in the future, but as some teams do not use sidearm, it is more time consuming to gather all of the info. I would like. For some reason defensive stats are much more difficult to compile in some of the stat programs being used.

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