Friday, January 23, 2015

New Field Turf Initiative Underway
Please Support This Cause

Ferrum has officially begun a campaign to have new Field Turf  at W.B. Adams stadium. This is a 1.2 million dollar project that will benefit a variety of sports and activities, and will highlight the colleges commitment to the athletic program. Please consider a contribution to this worthwhile cause.

See the following link for more information:

Ferrum Field Turf Project


  1. So your asking us the public to fund a 1.2 Million Dollar Field Turf project at Good Ole FC for what????? Can you tell us homer what good will Field Turf do for a team that can't win when you have an O-Line Coach as your OC and your DC did not just leave due to health reasons!!!!! Good luck because their will be others winning on this field and it won't be Good ole FC Football!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It's not always the coaches....In short, the field turf will serve as a a facility upgrade, and will likely be a positive in recruiting. It will also save on field maintenance. also, don't forget that it will serve more than football.