Thursday, January 7, 2016

As Expected, Doss joins Ferrum Staff

Today, Ferrum made it official that Marshall Doss, former Assistant Head Coach at Emory and Henry, has been named defensive coordinator for the Panthers. This will fill the position formerly held by Bryan Zyglocke. Presently, Zyglocke is still listed on the Ferrum staff as an assistant coach.

See Link Below:

Doss named to Ferrum staff


  1. So Allan, Your boy Brian Zyglocke left catholic for what???? A one year stint as DC and now has been demoted to a regular coach!!!! The Days of the Good Ole Boy Network is gone and now I hope that Ferrum can do what average D3 schools do which is win!!!!


  2. Allen Crowder's Ferrum College football report. All comments and thoughts and opinions comes from his head (mind). Ok that makes sense in and for Ferrum College football report:!