Saturday, March 5, 2016

All Quiet on the Western (Franklin County) Front

Its tough to know how things are going in the off season for Ferrum. While there is not a lot of news, there is some:

On March 1st, the Ferrum Athletics Department held a football open house. This no doubt was designed to introduce the new coaching staff, and facilities to the local community, the press, alumni, and fans. While I do not have any information about the event, I think this was a needed, and a very important move. Ferrum needs to re energize the community and re-engage the Franklin County fan base. I was not able to attend, but if there was an opportunity to attend another one this summer (hint hint) I would make every effort to be there.

The installation of lights has begun at Adams Stadium. This likely means Ferrum will host the first ever home night football game this season. This will be a great chance for Ferrum to really promote something special. This should include fireworks, tee-shirts,  and a panoramic picture (for sale) of the stadium under the lights. How about a concert afterwards?This also should be promoted, if they play at home at least once, at a Franklin County High School game. Wouldn't it be nice to have a sell out at Adams Stadium?? It's never happened, but this should be a goal for the season opener.

Don't have much info. on recruiting, but did find this in a comment sent from a reader. (See link below) Look for more recruiting news as as it becomes available.

New Ferrum recruit

Finally, I want to thank everyone for the well wishes I have received. I very much appreciate all of your kind words. I am feeling great, and treatments will begin very soon.


  1. Update on Coach Harper

  2. Another addition to the football staff. Just as I predicted.

  3. Another new recruit. 6'2 240
    Congratulations to Leo Vitale on signing to play football today with Ferrum College. #GOWARRIORS

  4. More recruiting