Saturday, October 8, 2016

Ferrum @ Huntingdon

The hill gets steeper this weekend as the Panthers travel to Montgomery Alabama to take on the preseason favorite Huntingdon Hawks. To start, Huntingdon is averaging 49.3 points per game. They are a predominately rushing team, as they average 50 carries per game, and 280 yards per game. This however does not mean that they will not pass. They will pass and do it effectively. Overall, they have a well balanced offensive attack. Total Offense rank is number one in the nation.

Defensively, they are not quite as strong. Against the run, the Hawks rank 3rd in the conference, and 145th in the nation. Total defense, they are 220th nationally, and 6th in the conference. Interestingly, they are ranked 184th in kickoff return defense.

Ferrum brings a lot of weapons to the table as they take the field. While Brian Mann is becoming a household name in the USA South, look today for his effect to be multi dimensional. I think he will likely score three times, one of which may be on a kickoff return, and the other on a passing play. Ferrum's defense must get to the quarterback often today, and continue to be impressive against the run.

This is a winnable game for Ferrum. It will not be like last week, but It is winnable.

Keys to Ferrum's 4th win:

Penalties cannot happen. This team is too strong to give them anything.
Ferrum should open the passing game a bit more.
Ferrum must be in the face of the quarterback for the Hawks all day.
Create turnovers, and turn every opportunity into points.
Harvey Taylor will be key to the offensive attack. he must be effective through the air and running the ball.
Special teams must produce points whenever possible.

This game will be tough, but if Ferrum can be in it at halftime, there is a real chance it could be a very enjoyable bus ride back.

No predictions this week....just enjoy the game!

Below is the link to watch the game.

Ferrum @ Huntingdon

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