Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ferrum @ LaGrange

With but four games left to play this season, Ferrum heads out for another long road trip, and travels to Georgia to play their namesake, the LaGrange Panthers. This weekend, the two teams have more in common than their names. Currently, both teams sit at 3-3 overall, and 1-2 in the conference. Ferrum has scored 190 points, while LaGrange has scored 248. Ferrum has allowed 201 points, while LaGrange has allowed 242. So does this mean anything? I think not really, but let's look at the offenses. Ferrum has made the running game it's bread and butter. Brian Mann is poised to break the thousand yard barrier, possibly as early as homecoming. While Harvey Taylor has had a good amount of aerial success, 61 of 105 for 773 yards with 8 passing touchdowns. The passing numbers for LaGrange quarterback Connor Blair, by comparison are staggering. Blair is currently 179 of 268 for 2334 yards and 23 passing touchdowns. Blair is the second leading passer in all of D3 football.

As for the defenses, LaGrange has given up 1370 yards on the ground, and 20 rushing touchdowns. Ferrum has given up 667 yards on the ground, and 11 touchdowns. Passing is a different story.
Ferrum has given up 1634 passing yards, and of those, 11 times opponents have thrown for touchdowns.

In short, Ferrum and LaGrange are both have their strengths, but to turn this into a victory, Ferrum must control the time of possession. This is not an impossible game for Ferrum, in fact, it is quite winnable, but Ferrum must eliminate penalties, and take advantage of every chance they get to score.
It is possible, but the odds are long.

LaGrange 38
Ferrum 24

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