Saturday, November 5, 2016

Ferrum Survives Early Scare
Finishes Strong For The Win

In a first half that took me from very confident to disgusted, and a good portion of the second half that took me from disgusted to down right confounded to put it mildly, Ferrum had to scratch and claw its way out of a 17 point deficit to secure a hard fought 35-30 win over the Methodist Monarchs.
Methodist had only won one game this season before arriving at W.B. Adams stadium, and looking at their stats, I was thinking that this would not be close....boy was I wrong.
Methodist began their first drive, moving the ball down field using short passes to get into Ferrum territory. Ultimately this drive failed as the Panther defense held. Ferrum took over on downs.
It was the constant, consistent play by Methodist quarterback Xavier Adams, and that passing game that at halftime gave the Monarchs a 16-13 lead.
With Ferrum receiving the second half kickoff, I had a good feeling. That feeling subsided very quickly as the Methodist lead expanded to 30-13. I was in complete disbelief. After what would be their last score of the game, Methodist kicked off to Ferrum. Brian Mann received the kickoff, and returned it 71 yards to the Methodist 23 yard line. Three plays later, Ferrum had closed the gap to 30-21.
After the Ferrum kickoff, Methodist set up on their own 46, and went back to a pass play that had worked most of the day. It was a simple pattern that saw the Monarch receiver get behind the Ferrum defender, and all he had to do was catch what was usually a perfectly thrown ball by Xavier Adams. On this play however, DB Rod Smith came up with another momentum shifting play as he came down with an interception. Ferrum was unable to convert as Brian Mann fumbled as he endured a helmet to his forearm area. Although he would return to the lineup, he did miss the next offensive series.
After Methodist put together six plays that covered just 14 yards, they set up for what would have been a 41 yard field was wide left, and Ferrum would take over. With Mann on the bench, freshman running back Kahri Chase came in and did quite a nice job. He had 3 carries, the last one culminating in a 52 yard carry for a touchdown. With a Chase Deaton PAT good, the Panthers had drawn within 2 points, 30-28, with 0:18 left in the third quarter.

In the fourth quarter, Ferrum's defense put it in fourth gear, and shut down Methodist, and with their effort, combined with what was one of the prettiest touchdown runs I have seen in a while, Ferrum secured the win, 35-30. The run I am speaking of was a 37 yard scamper by Brian Mann that left a large part of the Methodist defense looking for their jock straps, and scratching their heads. It was amazing, and as a fan, sitting in the homecoming stands, I was elated. I went through many emotions, but Ferrum did what they are becoming know for......bending, but not breaking, and in the end, they were on the right side of the score. It was a beautiful day, with reunions with former classmates and friends, and it was a great day for Panther football. With this win, Ferrum assured themselves of at least a 5-5 season. I could not be happier.......unless of course with one more win, they will be guaranteed of a winning season!

Go Panthers!

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