Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ferrum To The ODAC
What Does It All Mean

Yesterday, the largest Ferrum athletics story in recent memory, broke with the announcement that Ferrum will become the next and newest full member of the Old Dominion Athletic Conference.
The enormity of this cannot be overstated. Take these facts into consideration:

Every Institution with the exception of Guilford College is from Virginia.

This means far less travel time for Ferrum teams.
Far less travel expenses for Ferrum Athletics.
More away games in Virginia means more fans in the stands at these games.
Membership in this prestigious conference will enhance recruiting efforts.
Will likely positively affect the retention rate for Ferrum athletes, and students in general.

While I am sure I have not listed all of the benefits, It is also important to remember that Ferrum will be stepping into what is considered a more powerful conference. All in all, it is very comparable with the USA South, but most people would see the ODAC as a stronger conference, and they would be right. Overall, I am sure the numbers would bear this out, but don't forget, Ferrum had three non conference football games last year, and all were against ODAC teams.....Ferrum went 2-1. Ferrum will be a better team because of this move. You improve as your competition improves.

Stay tuned......Can't wait for the season to start!

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