Saturday, May 7, 2011

Foundation being laid for success

After Coach Davis announced his retirement before the start of last season, speculation swirled about the next coach. For me it seemed like a no-brainer....Hire David Harper. This was exactly what happened, and it, I believe, is one of several steps that have been taken recently to rejuvenate and re establish the football program to a contender.

The Hank Norton Center groundbreaking was a huge step in what I think will be a renaissance for Ferrum football. This building will not only provide state of the art facilities to all outdoor sports, it will more importantly serve as a major tool for recruiting. The center is taking shape, and is thought to be on schedule for an Grand Opening towards the end of the semester.

The hiring of Ralph Isernia as the offensive coordinator for Ferrum was the third step in moving the program forward. Coach Isernia has an impressive resume, and has had great success in his previous position at University of Charleston (WVA).

These three steps are not the be all end all to a winning season, but they are rather indicators. Indicators that the administration has thrown its support behind the program. Indicators that positive changes are coming for Ferrum football.

So what does this mean for the upcoming season? I am not really sure, but from what I know right now, things are moving forward. Recruiting is still in full swing as the coaching staff looks to secure potential freshman that are undecided. The returning pool of talent is strong in most areas, but holes need to be filled in the offensive and defensive lines. Ferrum is not a guaranteed conference champion yet, but I feel like the possibility is there for an exciting season.

Look for Ferrum to come out with a new attitude, and a revived determination for success. I believe there will be an "adjustment period" for the players and the new coaches, but make no mistake, Ferrum is on the right track. I believe the upcoming season should be approached with guarded optimism. I would expect Ferrum to  be strong, but still dealing with a learning curve. At any rate, I believe the foundation is being laid for success. Be patient fans, and get ready for the upcoming season.

Go Panthers!

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