Saturday, September 3, 2011

E&H 41
Ferrum 12

Not much to say after this one. Ferrum, while they had some bright spots, overall discovered the importance of scoring in the red zone, discovered the damage penalties can do, and discovered that the process to build a winner is a long road. One game is not  indicative of an entire season. This team has talent, and is going through growing pains. This will take a while to get through.
You can expect things to go bad when you have 115 yards in penalties in the first half. To have the ball twice inside the two yard line, and to only come away with three points is another problem.
Mayo had a decent day, but he cannot do it all...although he almost can. I have to admit I was surprised. I really thought Ferrum would win this game. Possibly they took the Wasps too lightly. I do not have access to all of the statistics, but the Wasps had more passing yards, but Ferrum had more rushing yards. Another difference was starting field position, especially after kickoffs. This was huge as the Wasps were usually working with a short field.

At any rate, Ferrum can take some positives, but there are a lot more question marks than answers. It does not get any easier. Ferrum travels to Hampden Sydney on Sept. 17th. The Tigers defeated Averett today  63-9. So I think they need to review, refocus, and relax...its only one game, and its a non conference game.

Go Panthers!


  1. 2 int's and a fumbled punt, inside the two twice and can't score...I'd say Mayo is most of the problem and needs to be replaced

  2. Just needed to share a conversation I had with a Bridgewater player. I asked him what made that years team special you know winners. He said all the starters aleast most that year had been playing together since they where freshmen. You see it was more important to build a team as a collective of seniors. Yes some years would be better than others but we where that group of seniors that played together that year. My point is Ferrum has not found the secret to a team. As he pointed out. If one of our seniors had a weak point another one would step up and make up for it. We are a team who have been together for four years. You cant buy a team you cant throw a group of individuals together. When you do you have a group of players only looking out for themselves. What he said last was.You know when you give someone you have played with for 4 years a look and they know exactly what you are thinking and what you are going to do. Thats a team. You should never have players walk away because a coach has an issue. Ferrum has alot to learn about coaching. It starts with team building. One group at a time.

  3. This post makes no sense- especially if you are taking advice from a Bridgewater player. Player retention at Ferrum is a problem- always has been- I'd be willing to bet the farm that is will improve under Coach Harper. You might want to give him at least a full season to turn that around Einstein.

    I expected the offense to struggle with a new coordinator etc... But this defense AGAIN gave up too much passing yardage. If you wnat to beat Ferrum- have a decent quarterback who can pass.