Friday, September 2, 2011


The wait is over....Finally the Panthers get to tee it up to start off the 2011 season. Here is what I see as keys to a Panther victory:

Late information leads me to believe that Dustin Beck will not be the starting quarterback for the Wasps. Kyle Boden will likely get the start. Boden is known as an accurate passer, and this reinforces the fact that the Wasps will put the ball in the air. If this is the case, Key #1 has to be to pressure the QB at all costs. Last season, Ferrum sacked the E&H QB once for a loss of 14 yards. With Jennings in the lineup, there were very few chances for sacks. With him gone, look for sacks to be available.

Key #2 is controlling the ball/time of possession. Only the team with the ball can score.

Key #3 is to look for them to try to set up the run off of the pass. This will likely take the form of a draw play.

Key #4 Create turnovers.  This is very important, and I believe that the defense has to have 2 interceptions, and one fumble recovery.

Most of these keys revolve around the defense. I think that it will be very important for the defense to execute well the entire game. Neither the offense or the defense can let up. Keep the pressure on. Play hard to the final whistle.

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