Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Comments about the NC Wesleyan win
What a difference a year makes

If you were at the North Carolina Wesleyan game in 2010, you may remember that the game was preceded by the ground breaking of the Hank Norton Center. As it turned out that was the best highlight of the day. While Ferrum had its chances to win that game, my memory recalls many sacks of Mayo, and many fumbles late in the game.  Here are just a few stats comparing the game at Ferrum in 2010 to yesterdays win in Rocky Mount NC.

In 2010, Ferrum had 11 first downs, yesterday they had 20.
In 2010, Ferrum had 50 yards rushing, yesterday they had 246.
In 2010  Ferrum gave up 8 sacks for a loss of 56 yards, yesterday Mayo was sacked 2 times for a loss of 17 yards
In 2010, Ferrum fumbled 6 times, losing 4. Yesterday, 1 fumble but they retained possession.
In 2010, NCW had 437 offensive yards, yesterday they had 218.
In 2010, Ferrum punted 8 times averaging 36.5 yards, yesterday Ferrum punted three times for a 43 yd. avg.
In 2010, Ferrum returned 3 punts for 31 return yards. Yesterday Ferrum returned 3 punts for 83 yards and a touchdown.
In 2010, Ferrum's Time of Possession was 30:28, yesterday it was 36:48

These are just some of the numbers that really jump off the page. To me this was a game that, other than the punt return, was void of big plays. It was a grind it out type game, and I think Ferrum really, in the end, wore down the Bishops. The team continues to improve, and I look for this trend to continue. If they can maintain their focus, and continue to execute the game plan that the coaches put together, who knows what is possible.

Go Panthers!

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