Saturday, November 12, 2011

Senior Day

Today, Ferrum puts the wraps on what has been a very successful season. A very positive and strong first step in the right direction. No it has not been a perfect season, and no there is no game next week, but this team, made great inroads to a bright Ferrum football future.
As for today, Ferrum hosts Averett. The Panthers need to finish the season with a strong statement. They need to dominate this game in all phases, and put the rest of the conference on notice that they will be a force in the USA South conference for a while.
So what can we look forward to today? First I think we can look forward to a win. Averett is not having their best year, and has struggled against the stronger teams in the conference. As far as records go, if Marcus Mayo can complete just seven passes, he will break his own record for pass completions in a season. Also, every pass attempt that Mayo puts up adds to his record of pass attempts in a season. Lastly, although not a record, if Mayo can get 60 yards rushing, he will have 800 rushing yards for the season.
Look for the Panthers to make a statement defensively, after a tough game against the Captains. I think you can expect the Cougars to have a difficult time moving the ball, and while they will rely on their ground game, I expect that the Panthers will shut that down most of the game.
While today marks an end to the season, it also marks the end to many football careers. The Seniors, all 10 of them, will suit up for the last time. They have all been instrumental in the success this season, and all Panther fans are grateful and appreciative of your efforts. So Panthers, let's go out today and win this one for the Seniors, and finish strong!

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