Sunday, April 22, 2012

More Changes Possible for the USA South

After losing Shenandoah and Christopher Newport, and adding LaGrange and Piedmont, the USA South is anticipating two more additions in the not too distant future. According to Rita Wiggs, commissioner of the USA South, it is expected that Huntingdon College( AL), and Covenant College(GA) will be joining the USA South, pending the acceptance of these schools by the conference college presidents. Also, current conference member Peace College, is transitioning from a single gender institution, to co-ed. It is now known as William Peace University. Men's athletic teams will be phased in over the next three years.
For a detailed article on the above information, please click the link below.

Expansion of the USA South


  1. Now is the time for Ferrum & Averett to join the ODAC.

  2. Well I have to say that may be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. As far a competition goes, Ferrum would likely be at a far greater disadvantage when it came to contending for a conference championship, as compared to staying in the USA South, and competing in a conference without CNU. In the short term, I think Ferrum needs to stay put, and develop their program, build their reputation as a winning program, and maybe look at a move like this a few years down the road. It is not an illogical move, but I think they will be better off to get some wins and conference championships under their belt before going to the ODAC.
    In the interim, I would like to see Ferrum utilize their 3 non conference games against some really strong competition. Last year, the Hampden-Sydney game was just what the doctor ordered. I wish they would continue along that line of competition, maybe even scheduling a Capital Athletic Conference team, such as a Salisbury, Wesley, or Frostburg State. I fully believe that Ferrum is on the right track, and while I think playing stronger teams, makes you a better team, let's make those teams non conference, and take the lessons learned back to the field against the USA South teams. I vote for staying in the USA South for a few more seasons. Thanks for reading the blog!

  3. As you know programs go through cycles. It just so happens that the ODAC is hot now. In the 80's to early 90's only a few ODAC teams would play Ferrum (e.g., E&H, Bridgewater, Randolph-Macon etc.). Former local Randolph-Macon football players still talk of how Ferrum rolled into their stadium and took it to them. Most still say they feel the hits they sustained during that game in their dreams.
    It is doubtful that Ferrum will ever schedule a game with Frostburg St. again after the bait and switch move they pulled in 1991. Ferrum scheduled a game with them and Frostburg St. signed a contract agreeing to play Ferrum. Guess what Frostburg did, just days before making the trip to Frostburg. We learned that Frostburg double booked and would not play Ferrum. Ferrum ended up not having a full 10 game schedule that year and missed the playoffs. One reason given to us...Yep, you guessed it. Ferrum didn't play a full 10 game schedule that year. Was Coach Hank Norton angry? Yep, you bet and everyone else was. That is something that you hold onto.