Saturday, September 8, 2012

Game Preview:
Ferrum @ Shenandoah

Ferrum travels Saturday to take on ODAC foe Shenandoah in the first of two night games this season. The Hornets are coming off of a 26-16 win over Stevenson College, while the Panthers are looking for their first win.
Judging by statistics, Shenandoah used a solid running game to out pace Stevenson, gaining 254 yards on the ground. Look for this to be the mainstay of their attack. It is noted however that Shenandoah did pass for over 180 yards, and as Ferrum seemed somewhat weak against the pass last week....(giving up 379 yards) you can expect some shots down field via air mail.
I expect all phases of Ferrum's game to show improvement this week, but I do not look for the Hornets to go quietly. Overall, I think Ferrum will be too much for SU, but it may take a come from behind effort to prove me right.

Last Week's predictions-

For week one, I was 7-1, only missing the North Carolina Wesleyan game. I think they will be an interesting team to watch. Here are my predictions for week 2:

Ferrum 33     Shenandoah 17

CNU @ Hampden-Sydney

Averett @ Randolph- Macon

Greensboro @ Bridgewater

Millsaps @ LaGrange

Emory and Henry @ Maryville

Methodist @ Guilford

North Carolina Wesleyan @ Southern Virginia University


  1. I commend ferrum on winning, but I was wondering Why is it that you project ferrum winning by so much? As you saw or read they won 14-7 and for what I saw was a team that had butter fingers and a quarterback that runs around like "a poor man's michael vick". I guess you have to be a ferrum backer and say good things but what needs to be done is either finds ways to be one solid team or start firing the coaches that has been their for years that has nothing to make this program better. Its sad to hear the lies they say to these young men they promise them playing time and care less about the education and then cover up for the goods one. You know and as well as I know that the same 11 players on offense and defense never change and if that so the ferrum team will always be chasing a title they will never get. Ferrum you want to win its time to stop playing scared and wake up!!!

  2. I don't know if I agree with all that mumbo-jumbo you're talking about. I will say having an experienced defense back and giving up 45 points in the opener falls squarely on the defensive coordinator. Over the last few years it's been proven time and time again that if Ferrum is playing a team with a slightly above average quarterback- they will give up ton of points. Is that the players fault or the defensive coordinator? Beating Shenandoah 14-7 is nothing to write home about that's for sure.

  3. I did expect a bigger win margin, and I based that on their offensive performance from the previous week, and how they have handled SU in previous years.
    As for finding a way to be one solid team, I would advocate that the coaches do precisly this every week.
    I cannot comment with any knowledge on what coaches do, or do not promise players, or recruits as far as playing time goes. I can say however that whether player, or recruit,they know that at any given time of a game, there are only 11 players on the field at a time. If there are 100 players on a team, that means about 10% of them play, while about 90% watch....This is not rec league ball, this is college football. The object is to win, and to have the best players on the field to give the team the best chance at victory.
    Very few freshmen start, and unless an athlete is exceptional, it could be his Junior year before he sees significant playing time.

    I hope your son gets in the lineup soon.