Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Game Preview:
Southern Virginia @ Ferrum

It's not the same. Playing the Knights of Southern Virginia University used to be a real yawner. It was considered an automatic win. Although the two teams did not meet in 2011, Ferrum found out in a 2010 loss just how much this team has improved....North Carolina Wesleyan found out this past Saturday.

Statistically, it seems that the Knights employ a balanced offensive attack of run and pass. Defensively, they seemed to be susceptible to the pass.. NCW had 267 passing yards, but only 60 rushing yards on 32 attempts. In their first 2 games, SVU has not scored a rushing touchdown.  Their first game, a 55-0 loss to Moorehead State, the Knights only had 99 yards passing, and a mere 72 yards on the ground. According to the statistics on the SVU website, and I think there must be an error, the Knights had the ball, (Time of Possession) for 43:18, and Moorehead State had it for 16:42. This would be highly unusual, but in looking at the individual drives, MSU had three scoring drives, that lasted under a minute each.

From what I can tell, Ferrum should be able to limit the SVU offense, and will likely have too many weapons for their defense. I expect that Ferrum will have success through the air, and likely on the ground if the option is clicking.

While I think SVU has improved, I look for the Ferrum offensive attack to be much stronger than last week, and all in all, it should be a somewhat lopsided win.

Last week, I went out on a limb, and picked Maryville to defeat Emory and Henry. That was one of my two misses for the week, but I really thought that would be a much better game. Oh well, I was 6-2 for the week, and am now 13-3 overall. This week, here is how I see it unfolding:

Southern Virginia 13 @  Ferrum 28

Guilford @ Averett

Methodist @ Emory and Henry

Apprentice School @ Greensboro

North Carolina Wesleyan @ Salisbury

Sewanne @ Maryville

Huntingdon @ LaGrange

CNU @ Shenandoah

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