Thursday, October 11, 2012

Panthers Face an Uphill Climb

Ferrum, after losing to CNU Saturday night, is left with a up hill battle to win the conference championship. First and foremost, Ferrum must run the table against their next five opponents. A loss to any other team, will essentially end their bid  If the Panthers have a chance to win the conference, they are at the mercy of at least two teams that must defeat CNU. CNU has to lose twice for Ferrum to have a chance.
Next up for the Captains are the LaGrange Panthers. LaGrange travels to Newport News this weekend, and brings a record of 1-4 (1-1 conf). LaGrange, defeated North Carolina Wesleyan, but lost to Averett. With that information alone, I give LaGrange just a slight chance of defeating the Captains. As the Captains are plying at home, the chance becomes even smaller.
The Captains next play on the road at Averett. The Cougars lost to Ferrum, but defeated LaGrange. While Averett does have a large offensive line, and some talented offensive players, I am not sure that their defense will be able to stop the Captains.
After Averett, CNU plays on the road for the second week in a row, at North Carolina Wesleyan. The Battling Bishops are not having their best year, but do have talent. I look for this to be a better game that most would think, but doubt the Bishops will win.

CNU returns home for it's final two games against two improved teams. They will first host Greensboro, and will close their regular season hosting Methodist. Both of these teams will prove to be tough competition for the Captains, and either is capable of pulling the upset.

Make no mistake, the odds are long. CNU has to lose twice, and this is something that has not happened against in conference opponents very often. In 2009, CNU lost to three conference opponents, and in 2005, they lost to two. Its not impossible, but first things first, Ferrum has to week at a time.

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