Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ferrum Falls at Shenandoah

The line of scrimmage. The line of scrimmage. The line of scrimmage. That is where Ferrum got beat tonight. I cannot defend the defense, except to say they were out sized on the line of least it appeared that way was difficult to tell a whole lot due what I think was a pitiful example of videography. Watching that broadcast made me so appreciate the quality that Ferrum and the Rocky Mount cable station put into their production of Ferrum home games. (wish you guys could superimpose a scoreboard on the screen)

As for Ferrum they got taken to the wood shed. When Shenandoah ran the ball, it was like a red blob just rolling over what ever got in the way. Gaining 420 yards on the ground, Shenandoah made it look easy most of the night.....and this was nothing fancy, just up the gut running.

Ferrum's offense had some bright spots, mostly supplied by Tim Reynolds, but there were others that contributed. Reynolds threw for 197 yards and one touchdowns, but gave up 2 interceptions. Troy Helton had 6 receptions for 89 yards and a touchdown, and Chris Guy had 4 receptions for 64 yards. Interestingly, Matthew Kennell did not play. I have no information on him. Overall I thought Ferrum's offense improved, but the defense took it on the chin.

Offensively,  Ferrum did score three touchdowns....that is an improvement over the E&H game, but it was not a consistent performance. Shenandoah's offensive line gave a consistent performance. Ferrum had 163 yards rushing with 2 touchdowns.
There is not a lot to say except you cannot give up 552 yards of offense (A new Shenandoah school record) and expect to win. Shenandoah ran the ball 72 times, averaging 5.8 yards per carry. They passed the ball 21 times, completing 12 for a 6.3 yard per passing play average. Ferrum collected no interceptions.

Ferrum, at this point appears far less formidable than I thought they would.  I did not expect a conference championship or anything, but I am very concerned at this point. The conference road starts next week with N.C. Wesleyan, and they are playing solid football. My hope is Ferrum can turn this around quickly. Seems like they have an uphill climb.

*** Correction***  According to the full stats, Matthew Kennell did play Saturday night. He did not have a reception.


  1. allen,as i have watched ferrum during a few practices,couldnt help but notice they have good players that look to be on practice squads.they also look to be the more talented players.looks that some players are out of position .just my personal thoughts on this .

  2. Why is owens on the bench

    1. Yeah, where is T.O????

  3. As for the whereabouts of T.O., all I know is that according to the stat sheet, he did some point. It does not list him as a starter

  4. As for adams,I have watched him play over the years and it seems he has been the most constent player fc has on defence ,making plays on the apposite side running players down to make tackles even when they in no win situations this guy should be on a d1 roster instead of at fc

  5. Don't blame the kids for being outsized blame the defensive scheme they were given to use against their opponent still waiting for a good reason why we are supposed to be so fortunate for this dc.