Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ferrum Panthers Coaches SHow-
Head Coach David Harper, OT Cody Jones

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Ferrum Panthers Coaches Show


  1. I watched this FC press announcement and for what I saw at least harper got something right which was that being young is not a excuse anymore!!!! While I commend FC head's coach for being somewhat honest it still doesn't answer the question of with all of these changes your team still is in the cellar and yet you really think you have the support of the community??? Your telling me that the support of FC which is biased and hype will draw the community back??? Your kidding right????? I see that coaches come and then either get canned or jump ship and are replaced with what??? An O-Line coach and a retiring DC and other coaches that aren't special!!! Please I ask for you to post this and respond because for where I sit FC doesn't have the support of the community for many reasons and unless the program changes they might lose them forever which is a shame!!! Shout out to Joe who called your show!!! Joe whoever you are keep on keeping it real brother!!!!!

  2. I am working on an article that will serve as a comprehensive overview as to why I think Ferrum may be struggling this year. I cannot say that the coaching staff can be looked at without some blame to shoulder, but to put the entire responsibility on the coaching staff, is to say that all of the players on both teams are precisely equal. If that were the case, then I could understand the relentless attack on the coaching staff. We know however that this is not the case. I will outline a variety of factual reasons, not excuses that may hinder Ferrum. I hope to have this up in a few days.