Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ferrum Continues Skid-
Falls to Huntingdon 35-16

Some Saturdays it works out so that I don't get to watch the Ferrum game online. Yesterday was one of those days. I worked my full time job yesterday, and while I tried to watch, as much as I could on my cell phone, the WiFi signal was hit and miss, so I gave up and finally got to watch it this morning.

There were some positives, but some real head scratching moments also. To hold Huntingdon to 14 points in the first half indicated a great effort, but to only put up 3 in the same half was frustrating to say the least. On offense, Ferrum again seemed to move the ball, but was shut down in the red zone. The offense is not producing at the rate that I had hoped, and while they had their chances, they seemed unable to capitalize.
Special teams struggled as well. The Ferrum defense that had done so well in the first half, seemed to have their schemes figured out by Huntingdon in the second half, and the Hawks took advantage.

There were very few that thought Ferrum had a chance in this game. but they played well. The statistics bear that out, but the score board did not. Statistically, Ferrum had a strong game, and there were areas, such as rushing, that Ferrum outperformed Huntingdon, but to me, there seems to be a breakdown as the field gets shorter. The "red zone", from the 20 to the goal line, seems to be a tough area for any team to score, but for Ferrum, they definitely struggle. Here are the cumulative season stats so far:

2014 Season Stats

I have received the question already as to the reasoning for taking the first string defense out of the game in the second half. I am stumped by that one. I can only guess that it was a tactic. Why do it? I just don't know. It did get some players quality time in a game situation, but to go beyond that in this forum, would only be speculation. If I had to speculate, it could be that he wanted a fresh group on the field. or he wanted to give the starters a hint that maybe they should not be so secure in their starting jobs. Maybe he wanted to see how "hungry" the second string was. I don't know, but they held their own, and played well.

Ferrum seems to be operating a bit out of sync. It is as if they have many of the parts necessary to win, but they cant get the parts to move in unison. I look for there to be improvement next week, and maybe we can put one in the win column.


  1. Man Allan, You are really putting all your eggs in one basket in thinking that Ferrum would win against Averett. Again FC is not that good, but then again Averett is the same but they do have a win!! I do hope your right because it looked to me when you pull an entire switch a rue on your defense it means that your throwing in the towel on your starting defense or your team has given up!!!! well there is always next season!!!!!

  2. Maybe....I said Maybe. Anyway, Averette's win was against Washington and Lee, who only has one win too. There are no guarantees, but I still say that Ferrum is better than their record indicates. It could be a nail biter...hard to say.

  3. You need to get off the specialists 3 isn't going to help when your offense can't score and defense can't stop the other team trading 7's for 3's don't add up tto victory

    1. That is so true!!! How can you trade field goals for touchdowns and expect to win games????