Saturday, October 25, 2014

Game Preview: Ferrum @ Averett

The Panthers pack the bus, and take the shortest trip of the year as they travel to Danville to face the Cougars of Averett University. Clieve Adams will face his Alma mater for the first time, as both teams are looking to enhance, what has been to this point, a bleak season for each.
Averett has one win. They defeated Washington and Lee in the first game of the season..Ferrum is still seeking their first win.
 On paper, this could be a very good game. Ferrum is scoring an average of  18.6 points per game, and Averett is scoring 19.8. The season high for Ferrum is 30 points against North Carolina Wesleyan, and the season high for Averett is also 30 points against North Carolina Wesleyan. Ironically, the score for each game against NC Wesleyan was 34-30.
Opponents are scoring an average of 33.1 points per game against Ferrum, while the Cougars are giving up 34.5 points per game. I look for Ferrum to go out today and put up a strong performance. It is hard to say how this one will go, but I look for Ferrum's offense to be more productive, and for the defense to get back to the form of the Christopher Newport game. The schedule is somewhat easier from this point forward, and I believe improvement, and success will be apparent in these last four games.
On paper, it should be a close game, but I look for the Ferrum offense to shine as Reynolds and Co. will hit their highest point total this season.  I think the drought will be over as Ferrum will climb out of the USA South cellar.

Ferrum    40
Averett    35

In other games, here is how I see it:

Methodist @ N.C.Wesleyan
LaGrange @ Huntingdon
Greensboro @ Christopher Newport.

Looks like an even split between the home teams and the visitors this week. Maryville is open.


  1. So Allan, Where is this 40pts your predicted??? The Game I saw FC struggled to move the ball and had a lot of flags and with playing another bad team escaped with the win!!!

  2. Well as for the 40 points, I will have to admit to being a little over zealous regarding the prediction, FC did their part putting up their second highest point total of the season. I think you are mixed up as to what team struggled to move the ball. Averett had 15 yards rushing. I am convinced that you are going to look for the negative every chance you can....even when they win. A win is a win, and it is a starting point. Personally, I am happy for the team....

    1. Well Allan, Yes FC did win but who did they beat??? I guess a bottom feeder win is a win no matter how bad you are right???? Look I am a realist not a person who sugar coats the truth and the facts are that for the past few years FC should be contending not living in the bottom basement or being considered bottom feeders for others and for what you have seen for the past few years are what??? A losing season and players that don't come back also new coaches that are either too old to coach or lack the experience!!! Like you said we should be grateful to have this Coach E!!!! Allan you still haven't told anyone why????? So like I have told others if you can't stand the facts that's your problem because from where I sit and see FC that is the truth and tragically it might never change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    2. Ferrum was 2-8 last season. In 2011 they were 7-3, and in 2012 they were 7-3, and co conference champion. Yes these last two years have not been easy, but It takes time to build a program, and Ferrum is laying a good foundation.

  3. They are laying a foundation for what . My freshman hates it ,the coaches have their minds made up who should be playing .he out plays the other players at his position in practice but when he asks about his outperforming them and he would like to start he is told he needs to prove himself well isn't that what he is doing in practice you won't put him in the game.isnt the philosophy to win in practice regularly gets the better player in the game or are we not putting our best players on the field.

  4. I am sure this is frustrating. It is however the coaches job to determine which 11 players will give the team the best chance at a win. Have him ask them what aspect of his game he need to improve in. It is very rare that freshmen start at any level, and while this year Ferrum has several starting, it in not always this way. I hope he will get more playing time in the next two weeks.