Thursday, July 30, 2015

Accuracy Means Everything

Dewey Defeats Truman (Taken from Link ) 

In the world of journalism, the most famous goof up is pictured above. It was a result of someone not doing their job, at least not fully. It was a result of someone taking information, that seemed a sure thing, and printing it before the final result was in

Recently, I listed a Ferrum recruit as a Quarterback, when in fact, he was a Wide Receiver. While this mistake is minor compared to the above picture, It could have been the kind of mistake that may have impacted other recruits. 

I did not check the facts as thoroughly as I should have before posting the article, because my source seemed to have solid information.........lesson learned.

Am I a journalist? Not as I see it, but I do endeavor to put out accurate information in a timely manner. I am sorry for the mistake, and while I guess it was in some respects minor, it should not have happened. My apologies to all affected.

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