Thursday, July 30, 2015

Panthers Picked to Finish 7th.

Today, Ferrum hosted the USA South Media Day, and with this yearly event, came the unveiling of the coaches poll. Below is how the coaches see the teams finishing this year. The number in ( ) represents how I predicted they would finish.

8.  Greensboro ((7)
7. Ferrum (6)
6. Averett (8)
5. North Carolina Wesleyan (5)
4. LaGrange (3)
3. Methodist (2)
2. Maryville (4)
1. Huntingdon (1)

It should be a great season! Go Panthers!

1 comment:

  1. Of Course Allan FC would have been picked near the bottom!! Actually I am surprised to see them 7th I thought that having no QB and very little skill players and an outdated Coaching Staff would put you in last but I guess not!!!! What Surprises me how is how David Harper can stand up at the Podium and only say that he was happy to work with is staff and act like he can only praise his coaches!!! Also like Steve Marsh Asked him who are your QB"s????? I don't see how Harvey Taylor who broke his leg in the last game of the season be his starter unless the incoming class can't cut it!!! If that is the case FC will be no more than Bottom Feeders once again!!!!! A shout out to NC Wesleyan you want to look out for them a dangerous team ready to fire!!!!! Joe from the Hood