Monday, September 7, 2015

Panthers Fall Hard at Emory and Henry

No excuses for Ferrum, most aspects of their game this past weekend, just did not measure up. I have seen some of the game, but as I write this, the E&H website is having technical issues, and the video is not loading.
I have seen a good amount of the first quarter, and have reviewed the statistics, and it looks to me like Ferrum has a lot of work to do on both sides of the ball.
I have placed a lot of emphasis on the importance of the offensive line, and how they needed to come together as a unit......and this is still true, but the defense this past Saturday, left me with my jaw open, and a blank stare. Statistically, Ferrum got rolled up and smoked on defense. Here are some of the numbers.

The Wasps had16 fewer running plays than Ferrum, but still managed to gain 240 yards. ( Ferrum had 158 yards rushing)

Ferrum gave up 203 yards passing, 3 passing touchdowns, had no interceptions, and did not sack the quarterback....not even once.

E&H averaged 6.1 yards per offensive play. That works out to a first down every two plays!

E&H offense entered the red zone 7 times, and converted points all seven times.

In looking at Ferrum offensive numbers, a few things stand out.

Ferrum has gone back, at least it appears, to a basic triple option, qb under center offense. This is a simpler offense to teach, and can be quite effective. Patience is key for Ferrum fans. I like the choice of this offense, and I think they will get better at executing it.Give them some time.

The option offense is a running offense. Therefore you are looking to move the ball on the ground. Ferrum averaged 2.7 yards per rush.

Ferrum had possession of the ball over 13 minuets longer than the Wasps, but the offense seemed unable to get untracked.

The offense committed 6 turnovers. No team will win doing that.

There are however a couple of bright spots in this otherwise gloomy start to the season.. 1 is that Emory and Henry is a very good team. They will contend for, and may possibly win the ODAC. and 2 is that Ferrum played really well where self disclipine is concerned. They had only two penalties for 14 yards. It may seem tough right now, but I think it will get better.....I hope so anyway.

Go Panthers!


  1. Man Allan, Stop being this homer!!!! Just come out and admit Ferrum can't cut it and won't for years to come!!! I ask you honestly are you proud of this???? Can you honestly defend this to the public yet alone supporters???? Allan let us know!!!

  2. Not really sure what you are talking about- I picked them to lose, and pointed out may issues on both sides of the ball. Yes there are issues that go beyond the sidelines, but you want the coaches heads served up on a platter....I will not go there. I picked them to finish 6th, and dont see them winning more than three games. Does not sound like that much of a "homer" to me.