Friday, September 11, 2015

Shenandoah @ Ferrum

Playing a home game away from home is a bit unusual, but Ferrum will travel to Franklin County High School to host the Hornets of Shenandoah University. The venue change is due to the installation of the artificial surface at Adams Stadium. Coming off of the tough loss to Emory and Henry, Ferrum continues their non conference schedule against the ODAC. Shenandoah (1-0) comes in off of their season opening win over Gallaudet University.
What I have seen in the Hornets is that over the past few years, they seem to have put a lot of emphasis on the size and speed of both their offensive, and defensive lines. This hurt Ferrum last year, but I look for a better game this year.
I think you will see improvement from Ferrum, and I think you will see an offense that will be better at executing the option. I am hopeful that the defense can match up, but I am concerned about the ability to stop the run. Look for a better effort, but I don;t see a win just yet.

SU    30
FC     17  

Other predictions still to come


  1. So Allan, Tells us that FC did what you expected!!!! Can you honestly explain one thing??? Why go back to an offense that people can stop???? Also try to explain How can a defense be so bad with all of these coaching "Changes"


    Joe from the Hood

  2. They did do about what I expected. I said the offense would improve, and it did/ I also said SU would win, and they did. Defense has to get better no doubt. Injuries are hurting the D to a point, but so far there are more questions than answers on that side of the ball. The option will likely be a good move in my opinion. Ferrum has some good speed that will work well in the option.