Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ferrum Comeback Not Quite Enough

After trailing at halftime 14-3, and falling further behind 20-3 in the third quarter, Ferrum turned things around and went on a 21-0 run to take a fourth quarter lead 24-20. These scores started with a Troy Helton run of 12 yards, and a second run of two yards. Next, Montel Lee sacked the LaGrange quarterback, forcing a fumble. Lee picked up the loose ball, and carried it 30 yards for Ferrum's last score.
While the comeback was an excellent example of not giving up, unfortunately, LaGrange did not give up either. They scored after a 13 play drive resulted in a touchdown and they retook the lead 27-24 with 5:27 left in the game.
After each team had one more possession, each ending with a punt, Ferrum took the final possession of the game starting at the LaGrange 39 yard line. The problem was there was only 2:26 left in the game, and Ferrum had no more time outs. (They had used two on LaGrange's previous possession, and their first one of the half was used with 1:42 left in the third quarter.)
While Ferrum was able to advance the ball down to the two yard line, time ran out, and the game was over before they could run a fourth down play.

Was this a case of bad clock management? I am sure that there are some that think so. Since I was not at the game, and cannot see a video of the game, I cannot say for sure, but what I do know is that there are many things that happened in the game that could have affected the outcome. Penalties, and turnovers are two things that may have made a difference. Why would you not spike the ball to stop the clock in those last few plays?

It was a good effort, and a game that Ferrum could have, and likely should have won, but before you readers blame the coaches, give thought to the fact that possibly that there are many things that could have changed the outcome, and while it may have been a clock management issue, could it not have also been LaGrange, in this game played just a little better?


  1. I was there.When you have a player showboating for their gf thinking they are Cam Newton, then clock management becomes irrelevant. And when it happens twice (bad clock management at the half and end of game) who do you blame it on? LaGrange definitely did not play better. They just made less mistakes.

  2. Where are we at now- 4 wins out of the last 30 games? For those of us who proudly played for Ferrum, it is unimaginable that this team has become a joke.

    1. So Allan I ask you don't you think this comment is correct??? I ask you inputs because being an alum its hard to see Ferrum be so bad and being a part of the Ferrum Program it seems that something has to change and it seems that the nobody knows what it is??? Any Thoughts????


    2. Well after being known over the 60;s and 70's, and most of the 80's as a football powerhouse, Ferrum, it would appear, has fallen on hard times. Recruiting to me is one of the main keys. It has to be approached as quality over quantity. I think hiring a recruiting coordinator, and casting a wider recruiting net would help. With all of the competition, Ferrum does not have an easy recruiting job anymore.
      One thing that makes it difficult, is that Ferrum is so isolated. This coupled with the tuition costs make retention difficult.
      I will only say that regarding the coaches, I think Harper is a strong coach, and has proved his abilities ever since he came to Ferrum. Beyond that, I will leave that for others to discuss.

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