Saturday, October 24, 2015

LaGrange @ Ferrum

Ferrum today has a chance to really make a statement. It will not be easy, but statistically, Ferrum and LaGrange seem to match up fairly close. One thing is for sure, LaGrange will throw the ball, throw the ball, and throw the ball some more. They are the number one ranked in passing yards (overall stats), but they are 8th in scoring (overall) Keep in mind, LaGrange has played one less game as their game against Averett was cancelled due to weather.
On the ground, the LaGrange running game is, for the most part, invisible. Ranked eighth overall, The LaGrange Panthers are averaging 72.2 yards per game on the ground.

Ferrum is ranked pretty much just the opposite. Last in passing, and second overall on the ground. Look for Ferrum to maintain time of possession, but they have to score when they have the ball, and they must disrupt the passing game of LaGrange....something they have struggled to do this year. To date, Ferrum has not recorded a single interception, and is sixth in the conference overall against the pass. The Ferrum defensive unit needs to add an interception or two, and must get some sacks.
If they can do this, I believe it could spell good things for them.

To be honest, I was somewhat surprised when I looked at the stats. I was initially thinking things would be very similar to what we have been seeing. LaGrange beat Ferrum last year, 44-28. This year, I don't know exactly what to think, but this is a winnable game. If Ferrum is going to win, they have to win the turnover battle, capitalize on the turnovers, and be in the face of the LaGrange quarterback all day long.

Ok, here goes.......I am picking the Panthers to win!.....but which Panthers???  I think you can expect Ferrum and LaGrange to be swapping the lead throughout the game. I have to believe that Ferrum has worked on defense this week, and I think you will see improvement, but will it be enough?

It may come down to a field goal, or, it may be a blow out, but I am going out on a limb, and predicting a win for Ferrum.

Ferrum 34

LaGrange 31


  1. Wow where has tht LB Chayce Hamilton been. .I see he's a freshman and played hell of a game. I wonder why I hadn't even seen him on the defense last 3 games I've been to. To have a kid like tht and not play him the Head Coach and Defense Coordinator need to be fired.

    1. I have to disagree about firing anyone at this point, but Hamilton, according to stats, has played in every game, except the Emory and Henry game.

  2. Ranked 228th in defense? Heads need to roll.

  3. Defense has struggled, no doubt. Did you know that Ferrum;s rushing offense is ranked 20th in the nation?