Monday, October 19, 2015

Ferrum Throttled By Scots 70-37

In a game that set a record for the most points scored against Ferrum as a DIII school, The Maryville Scots took an eight point lead into halftime and blew it wide open in the second half, outscoring Ferrum, 35-10.

There is little to really say about this, the score says it all. It is worth noting however that the Ferrum offense did have many bright spots on the day.Troy Helton continued to show his evolving mastery of the option offense, having a solid day both on the ground, and through the air. Helton hit just over 50% of his passes (17 of 33 with two interceptions, and 254 yards through the air, and two touchdowns) Helton also added 139 yards on the ground, and scoring twice. This puts Helton over 800 yards rushing on the season.
Kudos to Nick Pearce who scored his first college touchdown late in the third quarter.

As for the defense, we need to find some answers. Maryville had a very athletic and fast quarterback, but somehow, North Carolina Wesleyan found and answer for's likely that the Scots 6 turnovers help the Bishops a great deal. I do not know the answer, but I do know this, the Ferrum defense is ranked tied for 228th in the nation, out of 241 teams. Enough said.

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  1. The answer is in your joke of a defensive coordinator. He never adjusts to what the opposing offense is doing. The corners are always lined up on the inside shoulder of the receivers, making sideline routes a breeze and effectively making your safeties null and void. Never comes out of a 4 man front. This team never substitutes, which leaves the starters on both sides of the ball gassed by halftime, which makes little sense when you have 100 players. Makes one wonder if the coaches are so incompetent that they are unable to make a real time adjustment, which would mean creating packages, which would mean substituting players, which is beyond their realm.