Saturday, October 17, 2015

Ferrum @ Maryville

With both teams coming off of a loss last week, Ferrum will travel to Tennessee to take on a strong and likely fired up Maryville Scots team. In a year where Ferrum had six scheduled home games, and they have yet to play at Adams Field, today they are again on the road, but this time if Ferrum is going to figure in the conference race, this is a must win game.
I am not going out on a limb and saying they will beat Maryville, but they certainly could. Maryville statistically does not look all that impressive. Even though the Scotts are 4-1, their two quarterback system have their quarterbacks ranked 8th and 9th in passing. Troy Helton is ranked 10th, but Ferrum, runs the option, which is a mostly run oriented offense. Incidently, Helton leads the conference in rushing through five games.
In the long run, Ferrum, as stated before, has to step it up on defense. If the defense can turn the Scotts away, and establish a game plan that is hard to stop, It could happen, but realistically, I would have to give Maryville the home field advantage.

Maryville  41

Ferrum 27

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  1. How in the world you give up 70pts?????

    Man FC must have some series issues????