Friday, October 9, 2015

Huntingdon @ Ferrum

Coming off of their first win, Ferrum will be looking to keep up the momentum as the Huntingdon Hawks come to town. The Hawks, who I, and the conference coaches, picked to win the conference, come in with only one loss. They are a throwing team, and with Ferrum's pass defense giving up an average of 271 ypg., look for this to be a thorn in the side of the Panthers.
In my opinion, the defensive backs have to be more aggressive. There has to be something put in the game plan that will disrupt the Huntingdon quarterbacks' rhythm. This will come via the rush, and the defensive backs working to get an interception. They have to go and get the ball.
Stats show that Ferrum has a lot of positives going for them after four games. See the link below.

Ferrum stats for 2015

While they are ranked 1st in many categories, most of there involve scoring, and not defense. If the defense can improve, we may have a ballgame. Looks like a strong chance of rain, and this may help Ferrum's cause just like last week.
I would say that if Ferrum can dominate time of possession, and come up with at least two turnovers,
they may get the win. Overall I think you will see improvement, and likely on both sides of the ball, but this is not one that I see Ferrum winning. I think it could be interesting, but I think Ferrum will likely fall....but it may take a come from behind effort.

Huntingdon   44

Ferrum 30

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