Thursday, November 5, 2015

Averett @ Ferrum

While excitement abounds over Senior Day, and getting to play on the new field, one must not forget one thing.....there is still an important game to play. Some may ask....what is so important about this game? On the surface, it may not seem like that big of a deal. A one win team playing against a two win team, but this is the last game that many of the players will play before the home fans. Ferrum closes out next week at North Carolina Wesleyan, so the fact that the field is ready, this is the first and last game this year at Adams Stadium, and it is against a team and a coach that would like nothing better than to come in and put a whoopin' on Ferrum makes this very important.....not to mention if Ferrum can win it's next two games, they will have a winning record in the conference.

Know this however, this will not be an easy game to win. Averett has a good amount of offensive talent, starting with their passing attack. The Cougars are averaging 294.9 yards per game through the air. They have thrown for 2063 yards through 7 games, and average 9.2 yards per passing play.

To me the strategy for Ferrum is to maintain possession, use the clock, win the turnover battle, and just keep scoring. This could be a whoever has the ball last wins type game, so Hunter Ferguson, be ready.

While Averett can put up points, they will also give up points. Teams are averaging 48.3 points per game, and Averett is giving up 327 rushing yards per game. This one may be a nail biter, but I have to believe home team wins!

Ferrum 48

Averett 42


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  2. Zach Tickle for Ferrum(offense) and Seth Brendle for Averett(defense) are cousins, so we are definitely looking forward to this game!