Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Records Are Meant To Be Broken....
We May See One Fall This Year

Did you know that the most yards rushing in a season record is held by Chris Warren? His 1988 total was 1443 yards.
Let's see, Troy Helton has 1111 yards through 8 games. He is averaging 138.9 yards per game, and there are two games left to play.........He needs 166 yards in each game to tie the record.......In two games this season, Helton had more than 166 yards. Week 3 vs. Hampden-Sydney, where he got 182 yards (season high), and last week against Methodist where he ran for 171 yards. It's possible that we could see a record that has stood for 27 years fall.

Go Panthers!


  1. Is this some kind of a joke....Chris Warren and Troy Helton being compared?

  2. No, not exactly.....just comparing their stats, and highlighting Ferrum records. There is a huge separation between the two.