Thursday, November 19, 2015

Beyond the X's and O's
Above the W's and L's

Wednesday;s news of Coach Harper's resignation was for me, as an alumnus, and as a fan, extremely disappointing. Disappointing because Ferrum has lost a very knowledgeable coach that related well to his players. A coach that has given well over twenty years of his life to the college, and a coach that has had a phenomenal level of success as a player, and as both offensive and defensive coordinator.
The comments from former players continue to come in on facebook. All positive, expressing heartfelt thanks for all he had done for their playing days and beyond.
I never played for Harper, and graduated several years before him, but since writing the blog,  I have somewhat gotten to know him. I think he is one of the most genuine people I know, and I have always been honored that he would make time for me when I called him, and would always call me back if we missed each other.
Coach Harper believed that the job of a football coach is not confined to the football field. He is the type of coach that tries to develop the person, not just the player. There are so many life lessons that football teaches the players, and Harper makes sure the players "get it."
I have huge respect for Coach Harper, and all he has done for Ferrum. I do want Ferrum's football team to be successful, but for now, I will reflect on a great coach, and a friend. I will hope for his bright future, and look forward to the day, in what I hope is the not too distant future, that my cell phone will ring and it reads "Coach Harper'

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