Wednesday, November 25, 2015

So What Happens Now?

I am sure that there have been assistant coaches, players, parents and fans who want to know the answer to this question. The job has been posted, and there will be a whole lot of waiting. This will be a process that may take a couple of months. I personally hope that the process is not rushed, but at the same time realize that any new coach coming into the program will have a lot to do, and will need plenty of time to recruit, among other things.

The positives in attracting a new coach are many. First and foremost, Ferrum has excellent, new facilities. Any coach coming to campus will be impressed with all aspects of the physical football complex. While the record from this year may not be impressive, there is a good amount of talent on the team, and not all that many being lost to graduation. I believe, and I think most coaches will see a team, that if most of the players return, with some basic tweaks, Ferrum can contend. This team is not that far off.

The difficulty of attracting a quality coach may lie in the fact that Ferrum, while having a beautiful campus is for the most part, "off the beaten path." Remember, the coach is likely going to be married, and with children, and it has to appeal to everyone. Beyond that, the salary has to be competitive.  I have no idea what this job pays, and while I am sure that Ferrum has made strides in all salaries, what can be offered makes a have to pay for quality.

What is Ferrum looking for in a coach? I believe the person they choose has to have a record of success. The job announcement indicates that collegiate experience is preferred. That will likely mean a defensive, or offensive coordinator from a DII school, or a DIII school will apply. Preferred is not required, and therefore there may be interest from high school head coaches that have a successful track record.

I think they need to look for a candidate that puts emphasis on defense, and has recruiting experience. The college has invested a lot of money into the facilities, and is looking to turn things around in the W/L column. Ferrum once again needs to be a force to be reckoned with in Division III. I hope, and believe that Ferrum, in their search for a coach, is looking beyond a conference title. I think the incoming coach must have aspirations of national prominence.

With a full staff of assistants, one has to wonder what does the future hold for them? Anything I write is speculation regarding the assistants, but I would guess that there will not be wholesale changes in the assistant/coordinators positions. I do not think that any coach will come in with a ready made staff. I would think that some changes are possible however.

It will be interesting, Time will tell. All we can do is wait, and hope that the right person comes along for the job........Hey I hear Frank Beamer is available.


  1. Hey Allan, sadly the next head coach probably will not be a "Ferrum Guy" meaning that the current staff will not be retained!!!! My source at the school told me that this new coach will be named and in place before the end of the year and Ole Man Beamer isn't it!!!! Ferrum spent money given to them for the changes to the field, but they will have to break out the piggy bank for hiring the coach to change Ferrum from chumps to champs!!!!

    Joe From The Hood!!!!!

  2. I have to agree with you Joe. I would say the time frame is right, and would not be all that surprised to see a fair amount of turnover in the assistant coach/coordinators positions. I certainly do not expect them to hire a Ferrum man, and as for know I was joking right? It will be interesting.

  3. Hey Allan, Bache Quit today to head to a D1 program in NYC!!!! I told you that FC is sadly a dumpster fire and now its all for the world to see!!!! You claim that FC will be this great power I know for a fact that FC will suffer for a long time and sadly while these sorry coaches get paid the players suffer!!!!!!

    Joe From The Hood!!!!!

  4. I dont think I have ever claimed that Ferrum would be a great power. Yes I have said I would like to see them get back to being a national power, but I have not said abosolutely that it will happen. Dumpster Fire because a coach goes from DIII to DI....that seems like taking advantage of a good opportunity along a career path. I wish I knew what it is that causes your disdain for Ferrum. You have over many comments indicated your dissatisfaction with the coaching staff, but when Harper resigns, you look at him as if he is a quitter....did you want him fired? My guess is that at the very least it was a mutual parting of the ways. You have been pointing to the coaching as one of the problems, but when they leave, you say its a dumpster fire, of the coach is a quitter....I dont get that.