Monday, February 8, 2016

An Update From the Last Post

After writing the post regarding the release of the 2016 schedule, I had the good fortune to speak with Gary Holden, and have learned the following. At this time, the dates, locations, and opponents themselves are set and correct. The times, and home game designations are still not totally set. The designations are an easy fix, but the times are going to be more dependent on when the lights are installed and how Coach Grande wanted to proceed. Gary expressed certainty that they would be installed well ahead of the start of the fact, the transformers are in place.

In other news, Ferrum has added yet another assistant football coach. Coach Richan Gaskins. Coach Gaskins bio can be seen through the link below. The addition of coach Gaskins adds one overall position to the coaching staff, giving Ferrum a total of 8 coaches.

Coach Richan Gaskins Bio

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