Monday, February 1, 2016

New Schedule Released

Ferrum has posted their 2016 football schedule, and at first glance, it looks very much like the 2015 fact exactly like it. The opponents are all the same, and the order that they are played is the same, but the good news is that Ferrum will play all of their home games at home....well with the exception of one. On September 17th,  Ferrum will play Hampden-Sydney at Salem Stadium for a 1p.m. contest.

As has become the custom, Ferrum will open against the Wasps of Emory and Henry at Adams Stadium. This game will have particular significance as it will pit Coach Grande against his former team. While this will make for good stories in the press, Ferrum has recently struggled against ODAC teams, but I believe that the Panthers are working towards being competitive on that level.

The schedule had several things about it that caught me off guard:

>No date is designated as homecoming

>Many TBD game times for away games (Not all that unusual this early)

>Their are no other game designations like Franklin County Appreciation Day, or First Responders

Day. These have been tags assigned to home games in the past.

The schedule had one other thing that left me scratching my head. All games are scheduled at 1p.m.
Usually Homecoming has started at 2p.m., and the fact that all games are scheduled at 1p.m., leads me to wonder  What about night games? The field upgrades were supposed to include lights. I am guessing that this particular upgrade has not happened. I am curious as to what to expect regarding this.

Nonetheless, Ferrum is hopefully on the right track toward returning the program to a level of respectability. I, as much as anyone want to see the Panthers turn things around. What would be a success for the first year under a new head coach?  I would hope for the following:

Winning one non conference game, and picking up three to four conference wins. This would make me very optimistic about the future. I do not expect Ferrum to win the USA South, but I am definitely hoping to see improvement over last year.

Restore the Roar

Go Panthers!

2016 Ferrum Panthers Football Schedule

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