Saturday, July 16, 2016

So How Will Ferrum Finish This Year?

I was asked this the other day by a friend of mine, and had to honestly answer, I really do not know
It's a new time, and based on some comments I have received, there is an underlying optimism. For me, I look at some of the following when trying to predict how they will finish. 

Returning players/starters coming back

This is an important factor, and speaks directly to returning experience. While there are certain players, you feel sure you can count on, no coach will really know who is coming back until the start of camp. Immediately, I would look for Montel Lee, Troy Helton, Harvey Taylor, Matt Baker, and Jayson Shurland just to name a few. There should be many more, and with what looks like a solid incoming freshman class, I am feeling good about a core group on the field this year.

Conference and Non Conference Opponents

While Ferrum had some bright spots last year, none came against non conference opponents. As they face the same non conference slate this year, its not hard to imagine similar results. I do think that there will be improvement, and a non conference win is possible. Look for the first game, with a new coach, against his former team, to produce a high level of excitement.
If Ferrum can win one of the non conference games, look for the season to hold promise.
Within the conference, Ferrum will be in the some level, but its hard to tell how they will fare. Having given up more than 55 points in 4 games last year, the defense will have to be a priority,
but looking across the conference, there are several new coaches, and Ferrum could have reason to look forward to the conference schedule.
Ferrum had three losses of less than ten points. (Averett, LaGrange, and North Carolina Wesleyan)
So with that in mind, there again is reason for optimism.

Offensive and Defensive Schemes

As a believer that defense wins championships, I am certain that the Ferrum defensive approach of 2015 will be re-worked this the very least there will be some serious tweaking.
On offense, there has already been a change at offensive coordinator when Luke Summers was promoted after Joel Gordon accepted a job at Iowa State. In either case, I am just not sure what to expect, but I do think Ferrum will be a better team.

So I don't really have an answer to the question How will Ferrum finish this year? Anything is possible......but I want to know what you think would be an acceptable finish this season? There is a new poll question on the sidebar, so please leave your input.

Go Panthers!

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