Saturday, September 10, 2016

Watch The Film, Study the Issues, Learn From It, and Forget It

I will be the first to admit, I thought this would be the best chance for Ferrum to get a non conference win. Obviously, I was wrong for the second week in a row. While the score seemed one sided, there are many bright spots for the Panthers. The start was quite unusual as Ferrum found themselves behind 14-0 and had not touched it offensively.

This was a very difficult game to follow as there were no announcers for the video broadcast. It was almost impossible to keep up with many of the particulars. This coupled with the fact that it was a one camera broadcast, that never zoomed in, and had no replays, made me definitely appreciate the Cable 12 broadcasts at Adams Stadium.

Ferrum had some good things happen, but seem to have a few things to work on this week. From what I saw, The kick and punt coverage needs to improve to limit the opponents field position. This and the pass coverage especially where yards after catch is concerned can hopefully improve.
33 points should be enough, but Shenandoah is a good team. Better that the 7th place finish the coaches poll had them finishing.

Stay the course Ferrum. In the end this game was a learning experience. You will get better. There are not all that many things wrong to begin with.

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  1. Hey Allen I see that Ferrum lost but your not factoring in one thing! They Bounced!!! Think about something Ferrum comes off an emotional win again a forever rival and mange to win!!! Great nice who cares!!! Now you make the trip up I 81 probably stop off at that Golden Corral to eat dinner and come in with the mindset of we are the best!! Well Nope!! I guess Ferrum can't kick anymore??? I thought that field goals and extra points were good to I guess not??? Also forever the defense has never been good be honest last night shows you that it may never get better!!! Also You bench a senior for a freshman QB WOW!! Game 2 I hope this isn't a sign of a lost season already???? I mean I read about an offense that was suppose to be ditch the ground and pound for more throwing of the ball and yet all I saw was more ground and pound!! For me Ferrum won a game they had no business winning and great for grande and company but sadly its back to reality for Good Ole FC!!! An offense that can hit but a defense that quits!!! Can't win games with that and also with the flags I know that FC loves to hold but geese's you see why FC can't win they stop themselves a sign of old issues in a so called new system yeah right!!!! Maybe next week then again CNU beat Hampton-Sydney and you know they are pissed off!!!!

    Joe From The Hood!!!