Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ferrum @ Greensboro

After the week off, USA South teams begin their conference schedule Saturday. Ferrum begins the conference slate with a huge dose of optimism as they finished their three non conference games with a 2-1 record. Travelling to Greensboro, Ferrum takes on a 1-2 Pride team that was projected to finish eighth.
Greensboro's lone win came against Gallaudet University (1-2). and while it does not seem like they have a particularly strong running game, The Pride, is not shy about airing it out. They have been fairly effective in their early season through the air,
The run defense for the Pride is not showing a great deal of strength, and should provide few issues for the Panthers ground game. Look for Ferrum to score early and often in what I believe will be a quite one sided win for the Panthers. Ferrum should sit atop of the conference after this week.....along with 3 other teams.

Ferrum 49

Greensboro 17

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  1. It will be time to open the playbook!Mann might run for 200 in the first half.